Crews will close the viaduct for two of the next three weekends


Courtesy WSDOT

SR 99 closures: Crews will close the viaduct for two of the next three weekends to inspect the structure and reinforce a section above the path of the SR 99 tunnel.

What you need to know about construction

New attraction in Pioneer Square
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From the 2012 Transportation Action Agenda: Keeping it Safe



Courtesy of the Seattle Department of Transportation

Our Transportation Action Agenda helps guide the work that we do at the City on transportation issues. Safety is SDOT’s most important priority – our goal is a city where no one dies in a traffic collision.

People expect to feel safe and comfortable as they are out and about on Seattle’s streets, sidewalks, and trails. Well-placed changes that focus on pedestrians and bicyclists improve safety for our most vulnerable road users and can encourage more people to try getting around on people power, especially for short trips. Additionally, safer streets are efficient streets. They have fewer and less severe collisions, allowing everyone to get where they are going safely and with less hassle.

“Keeping it Safe” is the first of five principles in the Transportation Action Agenda. Our approach to keeping it safe includes four different policy goals:

1. Reduce collisions for all modes and work toward zero fatalities and serious injuries
2. Educate the traveling public to respect and protect one another
3. Minimize conflicts in the right of way to accommodate all travelers
4. Be ready to respond to emergencies

To examine all the policy goals, actions, and the metrics that we’ll use to keep it safe, we invite you to take a closer look at the Transportation Action Agenda

2012 Transportation Action Agenda Released


Article courtesy: Office of Mayor McGinn
Today Mayor McGinn and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) released the 2012 Action Agenda, laying out for the next two years a clear, transparent, and accessible set of transportation policies. It describes the actions we will take and shows how we will measure our success. It is focused on actions that yield the biggest returns for Seattle, organized around five guiding principles: