Where To Get A Powerful Example Of A Summary Essay

English teachers like to assign summary essays as a way to make sure that students actually read a book. This style of writing requires the writer to carefully analyze the document and rephrase it in their own words. To get a good score on this style of writing, the student should read through example essays first. By looking at an example, the student can gain a stronger understanding of what will be expected in their own writing.

How to Make a Summary Essay

To get started, students must read the assigned article slowly. In each paragraph, they should underline the topic sentence. These topic sentences are important because they show the writer's main argument. Once the student has finished reading the article, they should carefully look through the topic sentences. Using these sentences, the student should write out the main idea of the paper in their own words.

After the student has figured out the main idea, they are ready to start writing a summary. The summary should use transition words and information from the text. Although the writing should convey the author's general ideas, it should not have too many details. The purpose of this writing style is to summarize, so the resulting text should be fairly short.

Why Should Students Use an Example?

If the student has never written a summary before, this style of writing will be difficult. A summary is completely different from a typical persuasive essay. To understand the best ways to structure a summary, students should read through examples first. While reading the example documents, students should consider how the author used evidence to support their summary. They should look at the length, phrasing and general style of writing.

Finding a Sample Online

The easiest place to find an example is on the Internet. There are several essay writing websites that contain hundreds of summary papers. Depending on the website, students may be able to access the information for free. In addition to free writing sites, students can always look on college web pages. Since this writing style is used in some college English classes, some universities may have published examples available.

Ask the Teacher

If students cannot find a good example on the Internet, they can always ask their teacher. Each year, teachers assign similar essays and homework assignments. There is an excellent chance that the teacher will still have some of the best examples from the last class. Students can visit their teacher during office hours or after school to ask about getting a sample. During this time, the student can ask any questions that they may have about the writing process.

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