Creating A 4-Page Essay On Racism: Helpful Guidelines

Writing a 4-page essay on racism can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. The following guide will help you create a paper you can be proud of.

  1. Do some research first.
  2. You should always start with research, even before you settle on a topic. You need to look into the subject in order to choose what exactly you should write about and ensure that there is enough material available for you to develop compelling arguments. Remember that the topic you decide to focus on must be relevant and original. There is plenty of information available about racism, so you shouldn’t have any problems with finding research material.

  3. Develop and outline.
  4. Writing an academic paper of any kind is a complicated process. A 4-page essay must be structured, so you’ll need to have a plan. Outline all the major arguments and ideas you want to include in the essay and organize them in the most efficient order. Don’t forget about an introduction and conclusion, two necessary sections of any paper. Once you are done, the process of writing itself will become much easier as you will have the outline to guide you.

  5. Do some more in-depth research.
  6. Now that you know what exactly you want to write about, you will need to look into the topic more closely and find solid evidence to support every argument you make. Use all the research materials you have available, including online sources.

  7. Write the first draft.
  8. Don’t limit yourself when working on the initial draft and put every thought in writing, even if it wasn’t in your outline. It’s good if the draft will be bigger than your required word count requirement as this way, you will be able to edit it mercilessly.

  9. Revise, then edit.
  10. When you complete the draft, you should start polishing it to perfection. This is no easy process, so be sure to leave enough time in your schedule to do this properly. The most important rule you need to remember is that you shouldn’t try and fix all mistakes in one go. Focus on one thing at a time.

    • Always start with revising the content. Make sure that every paragraph, as well as the paper as a whole, has a well-defined structure. A 4-page essay should consist of an introduction, at least three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
    • Edit grammar and style. Next, you should fix all grammar mistakes and make sure that the style and tone of writing are consistent throughout the work.
    • Proofread. Finally, you should re-read the work several times to fix all the spelling mistakes. After this, you will have an excellent racism essay on your hands.

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