Basic Instructions On How To Write A Visual Analysis Essay

Visual analysis essays are usually written for a History, Art History or English course. You usually write this type of essay to analyze the meaning or describe a particular image. You also may want to analyze what kind of reaction was created in the audience or you personally by a particular image.

There are some basic instructions you should follow when you are writing this type of essay. The basic components of this essay are the same as in most others. What is in each component is what makes it a visual analysis essay.

  • Introduction
  • Here is where you want to vividly describe the image. Try to describe it in such a way that the audience feels like they can see it too. Use as many senses as possible to describe the image. You should also talk about the artist here too and explain why he may have created the image. Give the audience something interesting about the painting so they will want to continue reading your essay.

  • Thesis
  • Let the audience know what you think the image is supposed to mean. This is what you are going to try to explain in the rest of the essay.

  • Body
  • Try to find two or three things to substantiate your thesis. Use one paragraph for each point you are using to support your theme. Explain how you felt when you looked at the image or what parts of the painting made you feel a certain way. Explain if the title gave any meaning to the image. Is there something about the artist that led you toward the meaning of the image? Use this part of the essay to convince your audience that you are right about what you think the meaning of the image is.

  • Conclusion
  • Instead of restating your thesis, use this section to give another interesting fact about the image. You could also compare what other people thought about the image to what you thought about it. Give the reader a reason to want to view the image for himself.

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