Where To Look For A Good Example Of A Critique Essay

Critique essays analyse a book, novel, article, play, etc. And discuss, amongst other things, its contents, its organisation, the style and how accurate it is (in terms of raw facts). Although it is easy to know exactly what critical writing is supposed to do, and not so easy to know exactly how to write one? Therefore, presented below is a list of suggestions for places to look for good examples in order to gain inspiration for your own work.

University/school pages

The first place to look is your university or school website. Here, there are often either lists of exactly what they are looking for in critique essays or, more often, actual examples for you to read through, understand and take inspiration from. Finding samples here has the benefit of having different advice available for different levels (from high school to upper university, for example) and for different subjects (since English critique essays will be different from those of drama, for instance). The advice will also be particular for the establishment you attend, so you know that what you are writing is within their guidelines.

Paid-for-essay sites

There are plenty of places on the internet that offer to sell examples of essays for students willing to pay to be certain that they are on the right tracks with their writing. The prices are often not too extortionate, and this is a great way to get a good choice of different levels, different subjects and different topics. It also allows you to read more than one example essay (unlike on university or school pages, for instance) so that you can be sure what is expected from your work.

Google and/or Google Scholar

Google and the more specific Google Scholar (which specialises in retrieving more academic articles/essays etc.) can be a great place to find great samples of critical writing. Although you will no doubt come across a lot of the sites described above, where you are expected to pay for content, there will also be an abundance of free examples for you to look through. The only slight advantage of this approach is that it can take a long time to wade through the results of your search to find something that you feel is close enough to what you are writing to help you. However, as long as you specify in your search what level you are writing at and what subject you are studying, you should be able to find some great examples for free!

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