In Quest Of A Cause And Effect Essay Example: Helpful Advice

Writing a cause and effect essay can be quite challenging, especially if you have little experience writing them. Looking at example essays, however, can make your assignment a lot easier. Here is some helpful advice when you are looking for examples of a cause and effect paper.

  1. Know Your Resources
  2. If you know where to look, there are several places that you can find an example cause and effect essay. This includes through your school archives, books in the school library, and online resources. Some common places you may be able to find examples online include paper writing services, educational websites, and in documents from other schools.

  3. Be Cautions When Using Information from an Online Search
  4. Another thing that you should do when looking for example papers is to be careful when using online sources. Unless the information is published by a credible website, you never know that what you are learning is the truth. There are two steps to take if you are using a domain that does not end in .edu, .gov, or .org. First, check the domain that is hosting the article, who the author of the article is and whether they are qualified, and the date that the article was published. If this information seems adequate, always double-check the facts that you get from that source. This will help ensure you are using only accurate information to help write your paper.

  5. Pay Attention to Key Words
  6. Cause and effect essays often make use of certain words or phrases that indicate how two different things are related. As you review examples, make sure that you pay attention to these transitional words. Some of the words/phrases that you should be aware of include:

    • As a result of
    • Therefore
    • Because of
    • Hence
  7. Always Check for Plagiarism
  8. Something else that you should do when using example essays to help with your assignment is to check for plagiarism. When a student is accused of plagiarism, they may have to do the assignment over again. Or, even worse, they may receive a zero for the assignment. College students face even more severe penalties for plagiarism, up to expulsion from school. It can be very easy to plagiarize after reading examples, even if you do not mean to. Always perform a plagiarism check to be sure that your paper will be accepted by your teacher.

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