Utopia is a perception of social or political perfection. It is a visionary system. In a Utopian society, absolute happiness could be achieved. It is perfect in every way and the people who live in it follow perfect regulations. Among the people happiness is very common and fear is a thing of the past.

Utopia is Out of Our Reach

Many believe that a Utopian society is unachievable by mankind. There are those who feel a state of "perfect" could never be achieved as new ideals would surface into existence making the current policies obsolete. It would be a constant battle that would never be won. In Utopia, people are not supposed to think of anything new, because the idea is nothing could be better. It is inevitable for newer ideas to replace older ones, even if they were once thought to be ultimate. Because this is a process that will occur indefinitely, it proves a Utopian society can and will never exist.

Utopia is Something Different for Everyone

Everyone has a different viewpoint of what a Utopian society should be. That is why it is impossible for one set of ideas to become the social norm. One person's description of Utopia will be in direct conflict with another's perception. Within the description of Utopia, any conflicts mean that Utopia does not exist. This is because Utopia is supposed to equal perfection. So in theory if it's already perfect there should be nothing better. Conflicts would destroy Utopia. Ironically, this imperfection would create a state of Dystopia, which would contradict its very own meaning.

Finding Your Own Utopia

There are those that believe mankind can create their own inner Utopia. They simply believe in their own happiness that much. When someone can see a clear vision of their own Utopia, they can resolve their mind to stay away from depressive or disheartened states. They can cling to their ideas, because it is their own personal journey and not necessarily something they have to share with anyone else. They can find their own inner peace and patter their own views after what they believe true happiness really is.

Because each individual has such varying definitions of what the meaning of Utopia is, humankind become more confused about it. In essence, a word that combines several different meanings that are contrary to the other, really doesn't mean anything at all. Focusing on something that doesn't exist can get you lost within your own mind.

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