Where To Find An Example Of A Great Descriptive Essay

When you first start the writing process, it is so helpful to get an example to use as a guide. It is the best way to understand what you are expecting to do. The example will help you figure out what the paper should sound like and how you should format it. When you are not quite sure how to write a certain type of paper, you should get a sample paper to help you understand what is expected of you and here are some great places to find great examples.

Instructional website

You know those sites that teach you how to do things. Well this is a wonderful place to get an example, you will have some information on how to complete the assignment and you will have instructions on how to do it step by step. It is a wonderful way of getting two great pieces of information to help you complete this assignment in one place.

Online image search

Some essays are saved in an image format and will show up when you are looking in the image search engine. This is one thing a lot of students forget to think about. Some of these will include little notes that can be very helpful in understanding what the author has done.

Online document search

You can get links directly to online documents as well. They can be found in the regular search engine and you can usually tell them apart from the websites because they will have something denoting them as a PDF file.

Formatting guide

If you have to write your paper in a certain format, your formatting guide is full of examples that you can use. It will be a great place to check because you will have an example and the instructions on how to format it in the same resource.

Writing resource lab

Most schools offer help for writing in the writing lab. Students can go and get help with all aspects of writing the paper. They will have some samples there as well because it will be so much easier to show the student what something should look like and allow them to read it then trying to explain something to them. Examples are very helpful and they help you learn the best ways to create a paper.

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