Should Women Wait Longer To Start Having Children?

Most entities feel the need to reproduce eventually. Trees, insects and other mammals do it and in some cases it seems to take precedence over their ability to survive. This is extremely important to note. In human beings it seems that this desire to reproduce follows different rules. Women especially have begun to postpone childbearing until much later in life than they did in previous generations. The question could then be asked, should this practice be encouraged?


Many studies have shown that the longer a woman waits to have her first child, the more likely she is to have become established in her career. She will also have had more time to acquire resources like shelter and a car. Even her mate will be much better chosen if she gives herself more time to do so. These factors all add up to a better chance for her offspring. She is also likely to have more life experience to pass on which has been shown to be beneficial in the animal kingdom as well. For the woman, the act f raising a child somewhat later in life can help her to feel younger for longer which can help to mitigate some of the effects of aging. There will be many things she can achieve as she goes through different phases of her life at the same time as her child grows up and she will be more invested in the process for having done more living first.


Biologically, there are only so many years of natural fertility that any woman can depend on. By the time she is in her mid thirties, the quality of her eggs will have begun to decline and by her forties she may already be menopausal. There have been cases where celebrities have claimed to conceive naturally when almost in their fifties but most of these are fabrications. Fertility treatments are invasive and expensive. The chance of chromosomal abnormalities in the offspring of older mothers is also much higher. Older parents are also much more likely to die before their children are mature enough to live without them. Where death does not occur, the parents may become ill while the child is just starting college creating unnecessary strain.

Every woman’s life is different so there can be no hard and fast rule about child birth. There should be a clear discussion by both potential parents.

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