Looking For An Example Of A Problem Solution Essay Introduction

A problem solution essay is a type of writing that requires students to describe a problem and then propose a solution. Since students are often unfamiliar with this type of writing, they should look up examples before they begin writing. In the example, the student can learn about the type of introduction, conclusion and structure that will be expected in their writing.

  • Ask the Teacher or Professor for Help
  • A teacher or a professor is one of the best resources that a student has. The teacher will ultimately be the person grading the problem solution essay introduction, so they will be able to tell the student immediately if they are doing the assignment correctly. In addition, teachers often have samples from previous classes that students can read through. At the very least, the teacher will be able to recommend a location that has a sample introduction.

  • Get a Writing Guide From the Library
  • In addition to the teacher, the library is another key resource for students. In the library, students will be able to find books and manuals for any type of writing. If the student needs example introductions, thy can normally find them in one of the writing guides in the library. When the student has a difficult time finding these examples, they can always ask the librarian for extra help.

  • Go Online for Extra Help
  • In the age of technology, the Internet is filled with information, resources and samples. Students can find a number of different writing samples online. The student can either use a standard problem solution essay sample, or they can look up an example that is relevant to their subject area. Depending on the website, these papers may be offered for free or for a slight fee.

To get a good grade on a problem solution essay, the student will need to start with a good introduction. In general, an introduction will need to capture the reader's attention. It may contain interesting details or an anecdote that brings the subject to life. In this portion of the document, the student will need to explain what the problem is and why it matters. Afterward, the student will need to create a thesis statement that covers the entire argument of their paper. If the student needs to check their work, they can always bring it to their teacher during office hours or a tutor for extra insight.

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