In Search Of Introduction Paragraph Examples For Essays

An introduction is the lifeline of your academic essay. It can make or break your efforts. If it is not influential and fails to impress the readers, it will straight away be discarded and the reader will not consider reading the rest of its part, no matter how much efforts you have put in. First impression is an integral part of any writing. Hence, make it as impressive while confining you in terms of word limit.

Integral components of an introduction:

  • Write attention grabbing description, illustration, stories and dialogues being specific.
  • Focus on transition and write sentences that connect with each other.
  • Summarize your content in one or two sentences in such a way that it heads towards the body of the essay.

Some of the introduction paragraph examples are-

  1. Mini summary in the introduction: Gallaudet University is the only interventionist arts college across the world for deaf students that impart education in a highly interesting way. Gallaudet is proud to be connected with this program. Abraham Lincoln signed this project in year 1864.
  2. Anecdote type: Astrid Goodstein entered a beauty salon wearing a DPN button. He was a Gallaudet member of the faulty and was there for his regular appointment. Sandy, her regular hairdresser when saw him, expressed her gesture- No, No, No, don’t do this. Astrid turned offended and went straight away to the door. Stop Astrid, said Sandy and confessed- “For a moment my senses were lost and I forgot everything and was lost in vanity. I realize that I have misbehaved with you and should not have done it."
  3. Story type: With bubbly green eyes flashing, she was flying her hands up in the air. Actually, she was howling at her younger sister Emma and was calling her. Emma on the other hand was sucking her thumb being nonchalant. Her hands were moving so fast that initially it was difficult to understand if she was angry or was amused by the naught activity of her sister. People gawking at her from their spectacles were first looking at her and then on Emma.
  4. Opening with quotation: “They paid more attention on my way of communication that what I mean” yelled the young lady in Brooklyn, New York in the movie. The dialect of the young women interferes due to native accent and makes people mock at her. People consider her a stereotype cartoonish character and never consider her seriously.

These are various types of introduction examples which give you an idea as in how you can initiate your topic maintaining your introduction interesting. Follow them in your essays and check out how it comes in limelight.

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