List Of Great College-Level Informative Essay Topics To Explore

Writing a college informative essay is never a simple task. Even if the student is an excellent writer, they still need to find an interesting topic. Professors have read through hundreds and thousands of papers, so they have seen the majority of topic ideas. To get a good score, students must find a completely original idea. The following list of ideas is intended to help students write an A+ paper.

Things to Consider

Before choosing a topic, students should read through the writing prompt. Teachers often have specific requirements for each assignment, so students need to make sure that they can meet all of the requirements. In some cases, the professor will have a pre-chosen list of topics that the student must use. If this is the case, students should make sure that they select a topic from this list. If the professor has not assigned specific topics, it is up to the student to find a new topic idea. Students can choose an idea from the following list or modify it to make a completely unique thesis.

College-Level Informative Essay Topics
  1. What does it take to make a beer?
  2. How does stress work? What factors cause someone to feel more stressed out?
  3. What are the roots of the American legal system?
  4. How does the Higgs Boson particle work? What are the implications for science?
  5. Describe the German militarization and propaganda that caused the Holocaust to take place.
  6. What goes into the creation of a hit rap song?
  7. How does crime scene investigation work?
  8. How does tattooing work? How were tattoos created in ancient times?
  9. Take a look at organ donation and write about how different patients are chosen to receive an organ. How does the list work?
  10. How does global warming work? What human factors are increasing global warming?
  11. What evolutionary forces caused humans to develop the fight or flight response?
  12. How does natural selection work?
  13. What went into making a Shakespeare play in Elizabethan England?
  14. What is the process used to create an automobile?
  15. How is DNA able to copy itself?
  16. What is a puppy mill? How do these breeders run their business?
  17. How does globalization work?
  18. How does racism work?
  19. What causes supermarkets and big box stores to replace small, family-owned shops?
  20. What are the factors that cause poverty? How do public policies reduce or increase poverty levels?
  21. What caused the Great Depression to develop? How was it ended?
  22. Describe the process of doing a nose job or another plastic surgery procedure.

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