Working Students

Working Students has become common in most colleges and other learning organizations. Students are enrolled in schools for studies and at the same time they are working. Working Students may opt to work for various reasons. Some students do not have an option but to work as they learn. This is because for them to learn, they must earn first. They have no one to meet their fees requirements. If they do not work, it means that they do not learn. Some colleges and other training institutions offer jobs in the institutions for students. Some students may thus be lucky to get such opportunities. Those who may not be lucky enough, however, may get jobs in other places outside the campus. There are various challenges associated with working as a student. Reportedly those who miss classes more often are working students. However, this is never the case always as absenteeism has other causes. Overcoming these challenges can be one of the strengths of working students.

Reasons why Students Work

Some of the students have to work for them to raise their school fees and other financial requirements. This may be attributed by the fact that that they do not have anyone who can assist them in this. They, therefore, have no choice but work. Some students work so as to acquire textbooks and learning materials and pieces of equipment such as laptops. Working Students may be working while still learning so as to raise funds for their accommodation. Other students work because they need to start building on their career as early as opportunities present themselves.

Challenges for Working Students

Working Students are likely to face several challenges. Working and learning at them the same period in time may not be as simple. It thus requires certain skills from the Working Students. Working Students may not be able to keep many friends as most of the times they are busy. This means that if they are not in class, then they are working. They are thus left with no time to socialize with friends. Working Students may sometimes miss classes especially those working outside the colleges. This may affect their grades and performance in school negatively. Working Students are most of the times required to make sacrifices. They have little or no time left to do other things. Time management is a major issue for Working Students. There is thus need to have good skills in time management for Working Students.

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