The 10 Best Controversial Topics For Persuasive Essays

A controversial topic means something that people have objections and arguments for. It should be something that many people can agree or disagree with so that you can allow flexibility for an argumentative essay. Remember that the topic of a persuasive paper cannot be something general or a universal fact that everybody agrees with. You need to think of an arguable statement and develop your stance. Do not worry if the audience does not agree to your stance or supports the other one. The basic purpose of your paper is to make an arguable statement or point. Let us look at the following topics from essay writers for hire, to understand what it means to have a vague or general topic and why you should avoid it

a) The number of infant deaths in UK was 2490 in the year 2013.

(This is only an assumed number and not a real stat of the UK health industry)

Important thing about this statement is that it is already a fact that contains a numeric about a certain industry. There is no argument on such a statement, which is already a fact.

b) Obesity rate is increasing in the US

This statement is stating something that is happening. There is no cause or argument stated in the topic. This is a vague and incomplete topic. You need to say why it is increasing if you want to develop an argumentative essay.

While choosing a topic for your persuasive essay you need to think about the latest controversies, hot issues and things that are debatable.

Below is a list of top ten controversial topics that you can use in your persuasive paper

Ten controversial topics for writing a persuasive essay

  1. Is there life on Mars?
  2. Should the government eventually ban death penalty?
  3. Is child abuse relevant to drug addiction and failures in the practical life?
  4. Should everyone have an equal right to practice religion?
  5. Is it okay to hit your spouse or kids under any condition?
  6. Should there be an application or a system to check if someone is drunk and driving?
  7. Is more responsibility on father for bringing up the child or mother?
  8. Is cheating in exam ever justified?
  9. Should companies revise their products before launching and after testing?
  10. Do parents have a say on their kids after they cross their teenage

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