Tried And Tested Techniques On How To Complete A Good Essay Without A Hitch

Try Adding Research To Any Essay

Myself, I would rather write a research paper because I feel like I’m walking on a high wire without a net if I cannot fall back upon the strength of that research. I love the look of an essay that is sprinkled with quotes from authoritative sources. It makes my paper read convincingly, shows them I have done my homework, and helps to take the level of my paper up a definite notch or two, taking it from freshmen level to graduate level writing.

Even if It is Not a Research Paper

Also, it doesn’t have to be a research paper assignment, per se, to choose to add research to your paper on your own. Nothing shows your professor how hard you’ve worked upon your essay that adding carefully selected quotes and paraphrases from really high quality sources.

Also, keep in mind that you cannot have an essay without a solid thesis statement. More than any other part of the essay, you do not have an essay without this one, defining, crucial element. You must have a statement which encapsulates, in one sentence, what your paper will do, argue, or seek to accomplish.

For example, “In this essay, I will explore what human genotyping is doing in the field of diseases, specifically how genotyping is helping scientists to pin down the root causes of diseases by studying their origination in the body.

The Other Elements Must Be There as Well

Other element all essays need are a highly authentic, interesting, well written close, paragraphs in the body full of convincing evidence which seek to prove and accomplish proving your thesis, and a closing paragraph which echoes in the mind, ear, and heart of your reader.

Also, Allow Yourself Time To Create a Real Masterpiece

You must learn to think of all your writing projects as masterpieces in progress. Just as a really skilled painter will need lots of time to bring a really good painting into being, you need time to take that blank sheet of paper and filling it with wonderful words, phrases, quotes, and theories that really make the essay and the writing, especially, come alive.

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