Writing A Strong Concept Essay: Basic Tips And Examples

A concept essay gives you very broad opportunities for exploring ideas and expressing yourself. This type of paper tends to take a concept apart and explain each component separately in order to give a clearer vision of the whole thing. The process of writing such a piece might be a bit complicated, so here are some tips to help you cope with this task:

  • Find a subject.
  • The aim of a concept essay is to inform the reader on a specific topic. Try to think of something abstract. Some concepts that are considered subjective will fit perfectly. You also need to be interested in the theme so you can get others engaged in it as well.

    These are some possible examples of concept essay topics:

    • What is beauty?
    • How can you define friendship?
    • Who is [any famous person’s name]?
    • Define homelessness
  • Research.
  • Think of what information about the subject you already possess, and then try to find out more. Take into account that you are writing to educate your reader about the topic, so make sure you know as much as possible. Once your research is over, decide how much of it you need to include in your essay. You don’t need to write too many details, but just enough to completely explain the subject.

  • Write a good introduction.
  • A concept essay should include your personal experience to explain the vision of the theme to its fullest. An attention-grabbing life episode would set the tone of the text and be a good start for this type of paper.

  • Watch the structure.
  • Just like with any other essay type, a concept paper needs to include the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Express your thesis (a statement about the main idea of your piece) in the introduction. The body needs to contain the information that you have researched and should support your hypothesis. Remind your reader of the main idea of your essay in the conclusion.

  • Stay focused.
  • Do not step aside from the main theme. Try to develop the main idea stated in the introduction. Explain your thesis to the reader, and base yourself on the results of your research. Include examples while evolving the theme.

  • Check and edit.
  • Do not forget to proofread your essay at the end. Watch for various types of mistakes, such as punctuation, grammar, and spelling. However, you need to see that the essay stays on topic from beginning to end, and that the information is presented in a logical way.

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