A List Of Easy Compare And Contrast Essay Topics To Write About

Have you been given a compare and contrast article for your next assignment? You better figure out an easy topic to focus on in that essay. In this article, we will suggest you a few good headings in order to make the creation process more easygoing.

  • School 10 years ago and school today. Compare how education has changed in the past decade. What are the advantages of studying today? Search in the Internet how going to school was in the past, are there many differences? Focus not only in the technological developments but also in the contents of the matters. Do you find it easier or harder today?
  • Going to a concert vs watching a concert on line. What do you think is the best experience for a fan? What are the pros and cons of going to a concert? Have you ever gone through the whole process of attending to your favourite's band tour? For some people, watching a concert live from their houses may have more benefits. Besides, for a few people it might be the only possibility.
  • How have computers changed our life: undeniable facts. It is easy to state how computers improve our life but, have you imagined how life was before the PC era?
  • Life expectancies in the 20th century and today. Compare and contrast how life expectancy has been increased since the last century. Are you surprised by your discoveries?
  • Mobile phones evolution: from the B/W display to the tactile screen. It was not too long ago when people had mobile phones with 2-line displays. In addition, those devices used to have tiny antennas to get coverage!
  • New tendencies in travelling. What are the trendiest options for travelling nowadays? Compare current facts with tourist choices in the past, do you see any difference?
  • Buying online: 1-day rush & regular delivery. Amazon has done a lot in online purchases. Now, you are able to get any item within 1 day from the payment. Besides, regular delivery is a very good option in a frequent basis. Compare and contrast both choices so that people may consider which is more suitable.
  • Studying at the home city and studying abroad. Any student has to decide whether to continue studying at home or outside. If you were born in a large city, both options may be almost as likely but otherwise moving to another town may have more advantages. Make a comparison between these choices.

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