A List Of Eleven Offbeat College Essay Topics You Should Consider

Writing a college essay begins with the right topic. Your topic selection should be something will be comfortable writing. You should access options based on what has been written in the past, what your instructor is looking for from you, and your personal interests. When considering an offbeat college topic you may have to think outside of the box and consider something you normally wouldn’t write about. You can follow this link to a website offering more details. Here are tips on how to come up with ideas and potential ideas to help you draft your own.

How to Come Up with a Different Topic?

There are hundreds of ideas you could choose to write about. When thinking about something different you can consider something you may not think about too often. You could still have an interest in it and just not realize it is something you can research further. For example, you may have an idea of homeless people in your community. The subject of homelessness could be analyzed further. You could consider the subject in other countries or look into initiatives that are in place that other communities could benefit from. Consider a subject of interest and try to look at it from a different perspective.

11 Offbeat College Essay Topic Ideas

Sometimes a list of basic ideas can encourage brainstorming. As you come up with an idea you can write it down and meditate on it before deciding if you want to keep it. You can make a list of ideas based off of another list just to get your brain working. To help get you started developing ideas of your own here are 11 potential topics for an academic paper.

  1. Should breakfast only be eaten in the morning?
  2. Should high school students where uniforms?
  3. Could a country ever be allowed to use nuclear weapons?
  4. Should celebrities be required to do humanitarian work?
  5. Should college campuses allow students to carry registered weapons?
  6. How can adults stop bullying among other adults?
  7. Should kids be taught how to use a gun?
  8. How can cigarettes be banned?
  9. How would you change the process to elect a president or world leader?
  10. Should organic foods be cheaper?
  11. Should parents be responsible for paying college tuition?

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