A List Of Impressive Population Growth Essay Topic Ideas For High School

The issue of population growth has many aspects that may be interesting to research. Look through the following list of topic ideas that may help you create an impressive essay for high school:

  1. The problem of population explosion: the reasons and solutions.
  2. Investigate the reasons for this issue in your essay. Find out how different countries tried to control the situation. Offer your solution to the problem.

  3. The effects of population growth.
  4. Discover how such an increase in the number of people affects our lives and the planet in general. Look at the issue from the different angles: environmental, economic, and social. What are the future threats that we are likely to encounter if the situation doesn’t change?

  5. Food consumption versus food production.
  6. In your essay, conduct a research on the problem of food shortage due to the growth of the number of people. Base your research on the facts that all the natural resources are gradually getting exhausted, and the effective agriculture and food production are impossible in such a situation.

  7. Fight for water.
  8. Nowadays, there is a lack of fresh water on the planet. All the efforts to provide enough drinking water fail, or disrupt environmental stability and have caustic effect on the nature. Raise the issue of population control that will positively influence water provision.

  9. The issue of deforestation.
  10. How is global deforestation related to the increased number of people on the planet? How can we stop forest loss?

  11. Birth control versus women’s human rights.
  12. In your essay, investigate how different governments tried to lower birth rates by means of special laws and policies. Were these actions effective? What modern countries use the similar birth control methods?

  13. The impact of overpopulation on the wildlife of a country.
  14. Choose any country and investigate how increasing human needs and activities influence its flora and fauna.

  15. The historical reasons for high fertility rates.
  16. Find out the reasons why women gave birth to many children in different societies. Compare situations in several countries and dig deeper into the history looking for the cultural, economic, and religious aspects.

  17. How is the issue of population growth treated by religion?
  18. Look for the religious understanding of this problem. Analyze these views in your essay. Take your position.

  19. How do migration and movement affect the population balance of a country?
  20. Take any country. Why do people want to emigrate or, quite the contrary, immigrate? What are the effects of such movements?

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