10 Great Prompts For Writing A Problem Solution Essay On Texting While Driving

A problem solution essay is meant to analyze a particular issue and to provide valid solutions for it. You can choose any topic as long as you can discuss it and offer useful options for the solving of the problem. Most of the essays are written about common issues that are well-known for everyone. You need to structure your essay in a smart way and arrange the information in a logic order. If you need to write about texting while driving, you need to analyze the matter from a neutral and realistic point of view. Here are ten aspects that you should integrate:

  1. What are the direct consequences of texting while driving?
  2. In many countries, this is supposed to be one of the top causes of car accidents. Do you think the statistics are realistic?
  3. Are there cases when this is acceptable? For example, if you received an urgent SMS, it is ok to answer even if you are driving?
  4. What devices should the drivers use? Do you think that it is correct to use the phone speaker or to get a hands-free device?
  5. Some countries don’t have laws against texting while driving. Do you think they should be implemented, or they should allow the drivers to do whatever they want at their own risk?
  6. Present the legal regulations in your region regarding this matter. They will suspend the license, give a ticket or just a warning? Do you think the laws should be more severe?
  7. Discuss the most common causes of accidents. For sure texting and talking on the phone is one of them, but there are also many other behaviors that lead to tragedies.
  8. What category of drivers is usually texting in the car? Are young, inexperienced drivers more likely to develop such practice? Apparently there is a connexion between the age of the driver and this issue.
  9. In your country, you need to pass a psychological test in order to get your license? Do you think that irresponsible behavior can be detected with the help of these tests?
  10. Suspension of license. In some European countries, the law, in this case, is very severe. The driver will have his license suspended for at least ninety days. Do you think that this is an exaggerated punishment, or it is a good measure of prevention?

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