8 Helpful Suggestions For Writing Essays On Cold War

Every time you have to write a paper on a historical theme, you need to approach the subject from an objective perspective. Even if you become passionate about the topic and you want to argue for a side, people are interested in the actual historical facts, not in your opinion. There are many ways to write a compelling essay, and one of the most permissible themes is the Cold War. Follow these great suggestions to make sure you impress your professor.

  • Present the exact historical circumstances in which the Cold War occurred. Here we are not talking only about the date or the participants; the causes, the political conflicts that lead here and what were the consequences in Europe. The Cold War had a strong impact on some of the countries involved while for others it was nothing more than an uncomfortable tension.
  • Describe the parts that were involved. It is not enough to mention the Western Bloc and the Eastern bloc. Make sure to talk about the controlling powers, the role that some small countries had and why they chose to show a threatening attitude to one another.
  • Non-aligned Movement was a group of countries that decided that they don’t want to get involved. They proclaimed themselves neutral states and they tried to keep themselves distant from any conflict that was happening close to their area.
  • The Soviet Union; it is, probably, one of the most important and influential political alliances ever known. It had a massive role in this War, and it was controlling a significant part of Europe. The laws applied in the Soviet Union were against any human right and the countries that were part of it are facing even today the consequences of the corrupt regime.
  • The nuclear weapons. Even if there was never a typical fight between the two blocs, there was a continuous exposure of their nuclear and chemical weapons. These had the power to destroy countries in just a few minutes, and the leaders were very hesitant about using them.
  • The revolutionist wave. In Europe, there was an extended revolution in all communist countries. All the revolutions were peaceful except for the one in Romania. This left many victims behind, and it is still a bloody spot on the Romanian history.
  • The final years of the cold war. The way that this affected the world and what are the consequences in long term. There were prominent figures during the war that turned into freedom activists after peace was obtained.

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