A Manual For Choosing Essay Topics About Philosophy Of Life

Before you can even begin to choose a topic on philosophy, you must understand this type of paper is not a research paper, but rather a paper that is centered around your opinion; not facts and research, but rather putting forth a compelling "argument" in order to convince your readers of your point-of-view. However, writing on a philosophy of life may not be an easy task when you are still young; after all how much time have you actually spent developing a personal philosophy?

If you are having trouble getting started on this task, check out the following manual for choosing essay topics about a philosophy of life.

A Personal Philosophy

Just because you are young doesn't mean you haven't already developed your own personal philosophy of life. Your teacher isn't looking for "right or wrong" arguments here, but rather for you to put forth your thoughts in a convincing and engaging manner. Use your past experiences to help navigate your writing into a grade-A paper.

A Moral Philosophy

By a certain age, we all have a sense of what's right and what's wrong; however, cultural influences, religion and upbringing can all affect our own moral compass. With this topic you will want to discuss where you stand when it comes to the topic of morals, why you take this position and how it has affected you or even the world around you.

The Philosophy of Someone Else

Perhaps one of the easier philosophy of life essays to write is the philosophy of someone else. This can include a person who has overcome difficulties, which has shaped their perspectives, or someone whose personal philosophy isn't considered "normal." Choosing this topic leaves you open to writing a compelling argument and possibly a winning paper.

The Philosophy of Being a Guide or Coach

Even if you haven't personally been a guide or a coach to someone, there is most likely a person in your life that is. Spend some time with this person to discover what their own personal philosophy is in this area. People who work for the betterment of others can be a wealth of philosophical insight.

Whether you choose to write from your own personal experiences, tap into the philosophies of those around you or someone you admire, writing this type of paper is one that will take time and preparation. Be sure to plan how you want to approach your topic, then lay it out before you begin the process of writing it. Doing this will keep you on track and on your way to writing a top paper.

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