Choosing Compare And Contrast Essay Topics About Current Events

Compare and contrast essays go quite well with students; whose eyes light up when they get a chance for evaluation and comparison. After all, comparison is innate in human nature and right from our birth; we are compared and differentiated with kids of our age.

The intelligent teachers

Teachers also have become quite intelligent in choosing compare and contrast essays for kids. They make sure they select topics which students are versed with to arouse natural curiosity. When you know something, you automatically get triggered to know more about it.

Overall development of kids

Choosing relevant essay topics is moreover necessary for the mental development if kids in school. This way, they gather information about disparate issues and gradually become well-read about the current global status. This makes up for the general reluctance that kids show in reading newspapers these days.

The whole wide range

Current events may range from politics; Internet, sports; medicine, technologies and the whole world in between. You should make sure to pick those essay topics which are fresh and which will have bearings in near future. They should not be stale relics of the past; there only for memorabilia.

Method of carving

There is of course a methodical way to carve these essays. You should give equal importance to both object of comparison. You should not approach the topic with a colored opinion; that would take the bite off your writing. The analysis should be pure and unprejudiced.

Keep educating yourself

It of course helps if you build up the habit of being conversant with current occurrences. The world changes every day and you need to change with that or at least absorb the changes around. Education is eternal and continual and is not restricted to your school.

Here are 10 compare and contrast essays based on current issues for your reference –

  1. Compare and contrast Hurricane Katrina (USA) and Hurricane Aila (India and Bangladesh)
  2. Compare and contrast the Prime Ministerial achievements of David Cameron and Gordon Brown
  3. Compare and contrast terror tactics of ISIS and Taliban
  4. Compare and contrast Android’s latest Smartphone with Apple’s latest iPhone
  5. Compare and contrast Lionel Messi with Diego Maradona
  6. Compare and contrast Indo-Pak rivalry with Middle-East rivalry
  7. Compare and contrast the current education patterns with those of 20 years ago
  8. Compare and contrast college education with online education
  9. Compare and contrast brick-and-mortar supermarkets with online giant retail portals
  10. Compare and contrast the character of Chihuahua and Persian cat as pets

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